There are tons of things you need to keep in mind when you or your band goes on tour, and one of the things you don’t want to stress about is AV equipment. Of course, your production equipment greatly affects how well your event will go, but you also have many other things to worry about. This situation is when touring support and packages can help you with any occasion to help minimize your stress while you plan.

The worst part of any event is planning it, and you don’t want to spend too much time worrying about the technical details if you want to ensure you have all the fun activities your audience will love. Continue reading to learn how touring supporting packages can help you with any size event and how On-Stage is the best supplier for this situation.


Touring supporting packages for concerts can help you have an exciting event that will keep people coming back in the future. When you host a concert, you need the best audio and lighting equipment to get your hands on so that everyone can hear and see your performance. On-Stage can help you with any of your concert needs and give you all the necessary equipment to host a successful show that pleases your audience.

People go to concerts to have a fun and exciting time and socialize with their friends, so you must ensure your concert can provide. Stage effects like lighting, smoke shows, and sound effects can help your audience stay entertained throughout the show. Our team will ask you questions about your venue size and how many people will attend the concert, and we will craft a tour package that will perfect your concert.


When people go to festivals, they can spend multiple days in one area consuming live entertainment and showing off the festival to their social media friends. If you want your festival to succeed, you need to provide the right equipment for your entertainers so they can host an amazing show. No one wants to stand around a venue for hours if the show lacks excellent visual and audio equipment.

For instance, imagine watching one of your favorite bands at a festival, and the sound either cuts out or the amplifier malfunctions. This could destroy the emotion set by the festival, and it can be hard to recoup from this during the show. Festivals rely on great sound quality and fun lighting to keep attendees entertained. Purchasing a tour package for your festival is a great way to ensure that things go smoothly, and you don’t miss out on any necessary equipment.


When you host a conference, you need the proper AV equipment, so you don’t have to worry about audio or visual malfunctions distracting your target audience. If you’re giving a presentation and the audio keeps messing up, or your PowerPoint keeps going out, this can be a huge distraction to the people you’re trying to impress. Businesses that host conferences with their investors or people who want to buy their products must look as professional as possible to get their point across. Our packages can help your business succeed.


Graduations are one-time events, so you don’t want to spend too much on AV equipment if you only plan to use it for the graduation. Backline rentals and tour packages can help you save money on producing your graduation event so that you don’t compromise your quality or waste your money. Production equipment can cost you thousands of dollars, and you might not know what equipment would benefit your graduation ceremony or party.

Buying a package for your graduation ceremony or party would be excellent for a successful event without worrying about production costs or malfunctions. Doing all the AV equipment alone can be time-consuming and stressful, but a professional can help you with the equipment instead. 

When you use high-quality equipment to capture graduation, you and your family can reflect on that moment for years to come. Any graduation event is a massive milestone that should be cherished and treated right.


Weddings are extremely important for anyone because they are the unification of two families and a future promise. You can use our packages to host your wedding and ensure that all your guests are entertained and happy. When you have a high-quality production team, you set the stage for a romantic and personable wedding. However, weddings can be one of the most stressful events to plan for the people getting married, and you should try your best to minimize your pre-wedding stress.

When you have the right production company on your team, you can capture precious moments at your event without any distractions. Our team will help you plan your wedding production, so you don’t have to worry about messing around with the audio or visuals on your own. We offer tons of packages that can accommodate a wedding of any size so you can make sure every guest is happy with the occasion and has a fun time.


Call On-Stage today at 626-339-7100 to learn about the packages we offer for all sorts of events. Whether you’re hosting a party of a few thousand or just entertaining a few hundred people, we can provide you with the supplies you need to host a successful event. In addition, our packages can help you with business meetings, celebrations, and concerts so that they will be professional and well-executed no matter what you try to accomplish.

Touring support and packages can relieve any event’s stress because our professionals will help you accomplish anything you need. In addition, when you have professionals handling your production equipment, you don’t have to worry about slight problems throughout the event. For example, a professional can help ensure that your equipment is up and running before you need to use it so that you don’t have to worry about audio cutouts or lighting malfunctions.