Backline rental services can help you set the stage exactly how you want it, even if you’re on a budget. On-Stage is the leading backline rental supplier you could use to make the most of your event. The backline must-haves you’ll encounter depends on the size of your event and what type of event you host. For example, concert venues have severely different needs than a school or university would when it comes to backline supplies.

Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about backline must-haves and how to figure out the supplies that could benefit you. Our team is made up of experts in the production industry, and we will help you with all your backline equipment needs.

Establish Your Event Needs

You must consider your event’s size and how many people will attend. This will give you a good idea of how many amplifiers and accessories you’ll need so that the crowd can hear your entertainment. For example, if there’s live music at the avenge, you’ll need to accommodate that with guitar and bass amplifiers and other electronics so everyone can hear the music.

You also need to ensure that all your sounds don’t clash with each other and there’s a good balance, or people will notice. For instance, if your drums play louder than your microphone, this can be jarring for people trying to hear your song’s lyrics. Alternatively, if you’re hosting an event that’s only speaking, you’ll only need the backline supplies to make your speaker come across as loud and clear to the audience.

Benefits of Amplifiers

Even if you play at a smaller venue, you could benefit from using amplifiers to control your sound. Amplifiers give you the authority to communicate with your audience through music or speaking and provide a clear message. Of course, you’ll need to adjust your amplifier depending on the crowd that tends your event. 

For example, if you only have 20 people at the event, you don’t need to be too loud, or people can’t hear each other. Meanwhile, if you have thousands of people at the event, you need loud amplifiers to override the noise. Amplifiers will give you control of your event situation and make you the lead voice that people pay attention to. These devices are one of the most common backline supplies you’ll need for any event.

The Role of Backline Accessories

The backline accessories you need at your event vary based on the event size and how you try to reach your audience. For example, you could choose lighting or sound accessories to make the situation more enjoyable. Fun lighting and clear sound can be an excellent way to get people’s attention, although these accessories aren’t always necessary. You could choose several packages to get the appropriate accessories for the scenario.

A successful production will always have all the accessories they need to create an entertaining environment. even if you’re hosting a marketing event, you should ensure that people have fun because this could get people interested in your service or product. Many people make the mistake of keeping their business meetings boring, and backline accessories can help you spice up your business conferences. If you pick the right accessories for your event, people will remember how cool and fun the situation was and admire you for setting up and investing in high-quality production.

Use of Backline Instruments

Many events use backline instruments like guitars, keyboards, symbols, and drum kits to keep events lively by playing music. People will love it when you have an item band to play at your event because live music is much more immersive than pre-recorded music. If you want your life bands to be successful, give them the best backline instruments to avoid any stage disasters.

Backline rentals are fantastic if you often don’t have bands play at the venue because these rentals allow you not to buy all the instruments outright. Backline rentals can save you tons of money on the devices and equipment to produce a successful show. In addition, backline rentals can help you get the best sound quality for any live music you play at your event.

Drumkits for Your Event

When you rent backline drum kits, you make transporting these instruments easier because drums are extremely heavy and demanding for the average person to transport. If you rent drum kits for your event, you can allow the rental company to transport the kit where it needs to go. For example, if you don’t have a truck or van, moving the drum kit will be nearly impossible without renting a large vehicle.

When you rent a drum kit instead of buying it, you also ensure it is of good quality because rental companies like On-Stage won’t rent out damaged gear. For backline rentals, through our company, you can get a warranty just in case the items are damaged out of your control. Alternatively, if you buy a used drum kit to save money, you risk buying a damaged product and not getting excellent sound quality at your show. Even if you don’t need a perfect drum kit while you practice, you should want the best sound quality during your performance.


Backline sound gear like instruments, amplifiers, and electronic devices can help you get the best sound quality during your band’s performance. Live music is a great way to bring communities of people together, and you shouldn’t be afraid of the production nuances if you want to host a band at your venue. Backline rentals are a great way to get a quality product without dropping the entire cost of purchasing these instruments.

Contact On-Stage today at 626-339-7100, and I will answer any backline questions you have for your next event. Along with backline rentals, we offer equipment storage, repair, and production services. Creating excellent sound quality at any of their vents is crucial to keeping your audience engaged and having a great time.