When people go to an event like a concert or a convention, they expect fun and engaging performances that will keep them entertained while they’re there. Alternatively, if a public speaker shows up at a school, you must ensure that the audience can hear them loud and clear and that their voice has authority over the room. In both situations, you must pick the right production gear at your shows to ensure that things go smoothly.

Continue reading to learn how to get quality production at your shows, whether for a one-time event or if you plan to have shows regularly. When you have high-quality production at your shows, people want to keep coming back and buying tickets, and people will listen to what happens on stage. On the other hand, if you don’t invest in high-quality equipment, you might find people zoning out or disinterested in the entertainment.

Analyze Your Venue 

The first thing you need to do when you set up a production is figure out how many people will attend the venue and how large the area is where you host a show. After you get an idea of the size of the situation, you can start planning your budget and estimating production costs. For instance, if you’re hosting a concert, you will need to spend a lot of money on amplifiers and lights so that people can see and hear the show.

And the other hand, if you’re hosting a small talking event or a play, you’ll need to downsize enough so that sounds and lights aren’t too overwhelming for your audience. More production equipment isn’t always better because there’s only so much you can do if you’re showing to a crowd of a few 100 compared to a crowd of a few thousand. The same lights and sounds that will entertain a few thousand people will overwhelm and distress a few hundred people.

Find the Best Amplifier for Your Event 

Whether playing music or hosting a talking event, you need an amplifier so the crowd can hear what you’re saying. Even if you’re only showing to a crowd of a few hundred people, you need to amplify the sound to talk over everyone and assert a voice of authority. Amplifiers can help you speak or play music loud and clear at any event, and you need to pick the right amplifier to accommodate the number of people attending.

If you’re playing instruments like guitars or bases, you’ll need amplifiers that you can adjust so that the music sounds lovely during your set. Amplifiers aren’t all about the noise. They’re also about clarity because if your audience hears loud, muffled noise, that doesn’t help anyone. You can talk to one of the representatives at On-Stage, and they can help you pick the best amplifier to host your event. Our experts will ask you for details about the event to get the best quality for your budget. 

Use Stage Accessories, Sound Effects, and Lighting to Spruce Things Up 

If you have tons of fun lights or fog machines at your show, people will stay entertained and have a great time watching the event. You can use certain light effects to emphasize points wherever you want them or highlight aspects of your show for your audience. Your lighting will also set the mood for the event to determine if the show is serious, playful, or flirty. For example, you wouldn’t have dark, intense lighting at a marketing or inspirational event. In those circumstances, you would want bright, fun lighting to set the mood for the audience.

Evaluate Your Needs for The Occasion 

For every occasion, there are some things you’ll need for the production, and then there are some things you want. Assess the needs before your wants to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible within your budget. After you figure out everything you need for the occasion, you can start adding stage effects to your roster to make the event more entertaining for your audience.

If you’re hosting a marketing meeting, you need the right lights, microphone, and amplifier so people can hear you loud and clear while you conduct the meeting. Then, if you still have the money within your budget, you could consider adding music or lighting to the event to make it more fun for potential investors in your company. 

Consider Production Services 

If you don’t have much time to figure out the niche parts of your event, you can hire On-Stage to take control of production services. When you hire an outside company to handle your production equipment and determine everything you need for the event, you ensure that you’re not missing out on anything, and things go smoothly. Hiring a production company will also save you time on your event planning so that you can focus on other aspects of the affair.

These production services allow you to spend as much time as you need to relax and plan a fun event for whatever occasion you’re hosting. The more fun activities and delicious food you have at the occasion, the more likely people will keep coming back and give you great responses. In addition, production services can care for your AV equipment and help you feel prepared.


Call On-Stage at 626-339-7100 for all your audio equipment needs and get an estimated cost. We are for the best customer service in the audio equipment industry, offering several brands to choose from. A lot of our equipment comes with warranties, so you should ask our representative about those warranties before you purchase, so you feel informed. We also offer repairs for audio equipment so that you don’t have to drop a bunch of money on new equipment if your old stuff is salvageable.

High-quality audio Equipment is the key to a successful show, meeting, or event because you need to ensure that your audience cheers you loud and clear. Our production services can help you get the right amount of sound for any instruments or speakers you have in attendance. The last thing you want to worry about is audio issues during the occasion.