We are the company behind the companies!  If you have ever heard of ghostwriters or ghost musicians you know that these individuals are the true artists who bring the magic to their audiences and who are masters of their craft.  At ON-STAGE RENTALS, Inc. we are the best-kept secret west of the Mississippi.  We are the “ghost” production company in the corporate, entertainment, live event, and concert industry.  Our clients consist of some of the biggest and smallest companies in the nation.  We just can’t brag about it! When you need to have a job handled professionally and inconspicuously, ON-STAGE RENTALS, Inc. is the company to which many turn. 

You may never know it was ON-STAGE Rentals, Inc., but our logo can’t be missed.

Top executives, production managers and event planners might not know who we are, but anyone on the ‘front line” will be familiar with ON-STAGE Rentals, Inc.!  We are the company that gets the job done. 

Whether we deal with the end client directly or indirectly, we are driven with the knowledge that we are the best at what we do. That is our goal. This is our craft.

We Are
ON-STAGE Rentals
  • A backline company providing gear for live events, award shows and domestic and international tours
  • AN audio company offering sound reinforcement services for LA’s top movie premieres, private and exclusive events, large corporate events and festivals
  • COMMITED to service
  • HERE to help you from the ground up
We Have
THE LATEST Technology
  • THE latest gear used by top professional musicians
  • AN extensive selection of wireless microphones, in ear systems, Clearcom & RTS packages and more
  • SPEAKERS, consoles, amplifiers to meet the needs of any production
  • A full time staff to ensure the quality and performance of each piece of gear we own
We Offer
  • BACKLINE rentals
  • AUDIO rentals and sales
  • AV rentals
  • LOCAL and international touring packages for both backline and audio

Our Clients Include

For over ten years now, and with over 40 years of combined experience we are in the forefront as an instrument rental company.
Here is a selected list of our clients:





Utilizing our extensive experience and expertise in the industry we provide you with superior service, at the best rate. Guaranteed!